4 Steps to Create the Best Espresso Coffee in the World


There certainly is nothing like the refreshing aroma of Espresso Coffee that is brewing in the kitchen.

It is easy to produce an average cup of espresso coffee, but there is a talent to creating a masterpiece espresso coffee.

If you are able to follow some simple steps then you too will be able to master this craft and create the best espresso coffee in the world in the privacy of your own home!

Espresso Coffee


Step 1 – How to Select Your Coffee Beans


The first step to creating a delicious cup of espresso coffee is to choose the best coffee beans for the job.

Arabica Beans, with lower caffeine levels, are well known to be of a higher standard with richer, fuller flavors than the inferior Robusta Beans, which are used in the production of lower cost coffee. Hence your selection should begin with Arabica coffee beans.

How to Select Your Coffee Beans


For varying characteristics you can select your beans from a variety of different countries of origin. It is entirely up to you which characteristics you prefer in your beans and you can determine this over time.

It is also important to note that unroasted, green coffee beans maintain their freshness for years.

This is compared to roasted beans that lose their freshness in around a week after roasting! Hence selecting green, Arabica coffee beans is the place to begin on your journey to a magical cup of espresso.

Step 2 – How to Roast Your Coffee Beans


This is an important step in the whole process to creating a delicious cup of coffee. It is essential that the beans continually be moved during the heating and roasting procedure.

How to Roast Your Coffee Beans


Also the smoke and gases that are produced during roasting need to be vented away from the beans. The chaff that comes for the outer skins of the beans during roasting should be collected and removed.

At the end of roasting the beans need to be cooled down as quickly as possible so as to prevent over cooking.

Step 3 – How to Grind Your Coffee Beans


It is important to allow the freshly roasted beans to sit for at least six hours before grinding.

How to Grind Your Coffee Beans


Follow the simple instructions below to get it done.

  • You only want to grind the beans just before you will use them to make your beverage, as ground coffee loses its freshness within a few hours of grinding.
  • Determine the fineness of the grind that you need and set the coffee grinder appropriately.
  • Then follow the instructions on your coffee grinder and add only the amount of beans that you require for immediate use.

Step 4 – How to Create a Wonderful Espresso Coffee


Ensure that you use a high quality coffee espresso maker and that it is thoroughly clean.

Follow the coffee makers instructions and add in the desired amount of your freshly ground coffee, ensuring that it is compacted correctly so that the water does not flow through too quickly.

If possible use filtered or bottled water if your tap water is inferior in quality or has additives in it.

Espresso Machine


At this stage you will have a rich-aromatic cup of espresso sitting in front of you, ready for your sensual pleasure.

You may, if you choose, add foamed milk, whipped cream, cinnamon or allspice to your steaming, hot espresso coffee.

Espresso connoisseurs, however, love the taste and aroma that the traditional coffee espresso produces, without the addition of other ingredients.

During this process of creating this delicious, mouth-watering cup of espresso coffee all of your five senses, smell, taste, touch, sight and sound, have been invigorated and heightened.

When you finally bring the espresso cup up to your lips and take your very first sip each of these senses can revel in the pleasure that they have enjoyed over the previous hours.

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