1) Where can I buy Alkemie Ice Cream?
– Currently we are sold through all of the Whole Foods in Northern California, as well as some small grocers. We are in the process of adding additional stores, with plans to expand into other regions shortly. Check our store locator for updated information.

2) Why is Alkemie more expensive than other brands?
– Due to the cost and sourcing of the organic non-traditional ingredients (nutritionally rich, low-temperature raw cashews, coconut cream, agave etc.), and the batch-churned process of producing an authentic (old school) product, our cost is higher than standard ice cream. However, at a suggested retail price of $5.99 a pint, we feel it’s still a great value!

3) Is Alkemie soy-free?
– For the most part, yes. Our base (cashew, coconut cream, agave) is and always will be soy-free. There is a trace amount of soy-lecithin in our organic chocolate chunks in the mint chip flavor, however allergenic soy proteins are completely removed from lecithin. Still, check with your physician if you have a severe allergy to soy.

4) What about other allergies? Aren’t nuts a common allergen?
– Yes and no. The most prevalent nut allergy is from peanuts, due to the overly refined process that most peanuts go through as well as a mold known as aflatoxin that grows on most crops. While cashews are botanically a seed and not a nut, some folks are still allergic to them. However, there are FAR more dairy and lactose allergies then there are nut allergies. Plus we source some of the cleanest cashews currently available, and have customers who are typically sensitive to cashews say they don’t get a reaction from eating our products. Once again, check with your physician.

5) Is Alkemie produced on “shared-equipment” (equipment that also produces dairy, wheat, eggs etc.)?
Yes. In order to provide a product like Alkemie, and have the ability to scale production and grow the company, we are working with an amazing company (Boulder Ice Cream) to produce or “co-pack” our ice cream. However, GMP (good manufacturing practices) requires that strict quality control systems are in place in order to prevent cross-contamination. Our product is made on dedicated Alkemie days, and a very thorough cleansing and sterilizing procedure is performed to insure there’s no residue from other production runs. We have the utmost confidence in our manufacturer, and trust that our final product is free from all traces of other allergens.

6) What about fat? Isn’t fat bad for you?
– Absolutely not! Good fat, like the kind found in cashews and coconut are extremely beneficial for the body. Unlike traditional dairy ice cream that is full of cholesterol and animal-based saturated fats, fats from plant-derived sources are known to be very health-supporting. Most of the fat in cashews is oleic acid, the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, plus cashews have a myriad of vitamins and minerals including copper, magnesium and calcium.

7) OK, but isn’t coconut supposed to be a bad fat? That’s what I have always been told.
– Yet another false assumption. In fact, coconuts are one of the most healing and nutritionally powerful foods under the sun. Due to the fact that coconut is a saturated fat, it has been given a bad rap for so long. Coconut is a plant-based saturated fat that contains a host of beneficial components including lauric and caprylic acids, which are known for their antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal functions. The main fat in coconut is comprised of MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides), a literal powerhouse of a fat for the body. MCTs are the same fats that mothers feed to their infants in the form of breast milk. In addition, MCTs are more efficiently converted to energy than long-chain fatty acids (LCTs) and therefore are less likely to be stored by the body. There is a reason the coconut palm is called the “tree of life.” For further information on the properties of coconut check out: www.coconutresearchcenter.org

8) That’s great and all, but I hate the taste of coconut! Does yours have heavy coconut undertones like all the other coconut-based products?
– Great question! And the answer is a big NO! That is one of the reasons we pride ourselves on our creation. Not only for the authentic ice cream mouthfeel, but we are able to use delicious and healthy coconut cream without it tasting “coconutty.”

9) Does your product contain sugar? What about all the diabetics out there?
– Another great question! We use no refined sugars of any kind. Our sole sweetener is raw agave nectar, a natural sweetener that has one of the lowest glycemic indexes. The glycemic index is a way to measure how much and how fast a particular food raises your blood sugar. Agave, having a glycemic index of 27 out of 100, is generally recognized to be safe for people with Type II diabetes, or non-insulin dependent. However, still check with your physician if you do have a diabetic condition. There is a trace amount of organic evaporated cane sugar in our chocolate chunks, but at less than a few grams per serving.

10) Is Alkemie vegan as well?
– Yes! As well as gluten and rice-free too.

11) Is Alkemie organic?
– We are in the process of applying and getting organic certification. That takes a little time. But rest assured, we do indeed use organic ingredients from certified organic suppliers, but have not been officially certified yet as a manufacturer.

12) Is Alkemie also RAW?
– We are in fact a 95%+ raw food company. We do source raw or low-temperature processed ingredients and then use a cold-production method in making our raw dairy-free ice cream base. This insures that the final product maintains as much nutritional value and authentic flavor profiles as possible. Some ingredients we use are not “raw.” Like the organic cacao powder and the organic chocolate chunks. Truly raw chocolate is a misnomer and does not exist. Some level of heat or processing is needed to remove cacaos bitter constituents, so as to provide that characteristically familiar chocolate flavor. Even heated, cacao has a plethora of anti-oxidants, poly-phenols and minerals.

13) What is Guar Gum and why do you use it?
– The organic guar gum is a completely natural ingredient. It is basically the ground up seed of the guar bean. It helps to further enhance our creamy texture, and prevent ice crystallization when our product is traveling to your local store.

14) Do you carry any other flavors?
– As we grow we will roll out many impressive flavors. It’s all part of our plan to continually dazzle you.

15) I have other questions! Who can answer them for me?
– We can of course! Please feel free to send us any further questions on our inquiry form. We will answer as soon as possible!