Importance of Keyword Research

The Internet has merged with our lives. Everything we do starting from setting a morning alarm to tracking our day-to-day activities, depends on the internet. But in this vast universe of the internet how can you get the right information you seek?  Be it information on Google, a paid advertisement, a blog post, or even a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, you will require a keyword for making a search.

KEYWORD! What is a keyword?

A keyword is the framework of search engine optimization. It’s made up of a particular phrase or even a single word that connects to the contents of a web page. There is an innumerable mass of pages and websites over the internet, keywords can be used as a shortcut to access a particular page.

When it comes to SEO or fetching a web page online, a keyword plays an important role. In order to make your website visible and accessible to both the users and the search engine, you need a good keyword. Make sure that you select the right keyword that matches the contents in your web page; you can optimize your site for showing up in the topmost results of a search engine.

Choosing a perfect keyword for your page is an art. Mastering this art requires an extensive research to figure out the needs of the people who search the internet. You can make your keyword visible in the search engine with the right context, at the right time and place.

How to start with a keyword research?

If you’re on the events of publishing a website, then getting the right keyword means you’re halfway down the line. A keyword has the ability to make or break your site; you need to take utmost care in choosing the right keyword. Choosing the right keyword will drastically increase your site’s rank in the search engine and attract immense traffic to your site.

It’s not always about gaining traffic, but focusing on the right kind of visitors. Every user will have varying demands and your website must supply their demands at all times. Researching on your keywords you can easily predict any shift in the demand and effectively respond to the changing market conditions.

Constant web users actively seek for services, contents, and products. Your keyword is the foundation that’s required to create the whole content for your website. You can never hit an arrow if you don’t know what your target is. Similarly, you can’t develop any contents unless you know a valid keywords.

So to begin a keyword search, you need to analyze a few aspects –

  1. Create keywords by analyzing your website

Understand what niche your website is based on. This will help you in creating a list of possible keywords and phrases associated with your website. Once when you’re clear about your website and what it is intended to do, then the selection of keyword becomes a cake walk.

You can start be adding keywords where they count on your website. The following key places of your website can be used for adding a keyword:

  • Title of the page
  • Meta description
  • Headings of the page
  • Beginning of the contents

Also pay attention to your keyword density. Keyword density is the number of times your keyword gets repeated within the web page. Generally, the keyword density of a page is recommended to be 2-3 % of your web page, which means your web page can contain 2-3 keywords for every 100 words. Also your keyword must be written for both visitors and search engines.

  1. Understand your visitors

Always research on what your website is about and what the possible audience will seek from it. Never assume the needs of your visitors with the changing market; your visitors’ needs also keeps changing constantly. You can start by targeting the keywords that are relevant to your website and this will vastly improve the user experience.

Serving the visitors needs to be your top most priority and provide every user with what your site can give. If you try to rank your keyword in the search engine irrespective of your website’s contents, it might not turn well. Initially, it might attract a lot of traffic; in the long run, the website user might lose their interest and decrease its value.

  1. Use the keyword tools available online

There are a lot of keyword research tools available online. You can make use of them to find the most popular keyword that goes with your web page. Most tools available online are free of cost and are much effective. Some tools might require you to purchase them to access it. You can pick from any of these that appeals to you.

Google has a trusted tool called ‘Google Keyword Planner’, for analyzing keywords. You just have to enter a keyword or a list of your selected keywords and start the keyword search. The search will return with a huge range of relevant keywords suggestion for you to pick and choose from the most relevant and popular ones that go with your website.

There are also other tools like Keyword Spy and SERP Checker, which can be used to make more sophisticated searches. A lot of work is involved in creating these software’s, they wouldn’t give it away free of cost.  The paid premium version grants you the access to a large amount of keywords and websites which aren’t available in the free version.

  1. Refine and review your keywords

Once you go through the above procedures, your keyword list will turn very extensive. Start shriveling your list on the basis of relevancy, search volume, and popularity. Keep on reviewing your list until you pick only 10 – 15 relevant primary keywords.

Every day the internet has new trending keywords and it’s highly essential that you keep a note of them to make a review on your own. Keyword research is a never-ending process as the competition and its charms keep on changing. You must review your keywords and amendment them if and when necessary, based on the changing needs of your visitors.

The importance of keyword research

  • Almost everything you do online depends on keyword search

Starting from popular search engines to social networking sites, internet users from all around the world make billions of searches using keywords. A keyword is crucial because both the users and the search engines are highly dependent on it. Whether you need to access a blog, a web page, or a general search you need to make use of keywords in your search. The search engine will return results associated with your keyword.

  • Want to rank high on the search engine? Plan the right keyword strategy

What happens if you start a business, but put in the wrong address and telephone number in your advertisements? Of course, it’s a disaster. Your customers will get disappointed and your business will end up in utter failure. The same holds for keywords. You need to have the right keyword to get the desired result.

If you make use of the wrong keywords to your website, the only visitors who have don’t need your service will visit your page. This may create good traffic initially, but your customer satisfaction will dwindle resulting in a loss.

  • “Popular” keywords vs. “Long-tail” keywords

Around 30 % of users’ searches constitutes of the popular search terms. There might be a great number of other competitive websites that comes up with the popular keyword search. This might give your website a lower rank in the search engine and visitors might be misled to any other competitive website.

So it’s necessary that you narrow down and make your keyword more specific to give a critical response in the search engine. A keyword called “pet-shops” might result in various results, but you can narrow it down to “pet-shops-in-Seattle”. These “long-tail” searches will be performed by users who are on the verge of buying your product or service.

  • Keywords are important for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a task where the web pages and other contents available over the internet are arranged in an order that is relevant to the users’ pursuit. This list is created based on the keyword that the user enters in order to search the internet. Every web site fights to rank higher in this list, therefore they go for SEO tools.

Ranking your website in the top search result is quite challenging, you must be aware of the keywords and phrases that are most important to it. Launching your page isn’t possible without this optimization. Your keyword must closely match the service or product that the users are seeking. Helping you rank your website higher than other competitor’s websites.

If you’re about to start an online business or a service, it’s important for you to capture lead to survive in the world of internet. The only way of converting visitors into customers is through keyword research. Always remember that keywords can make or break your website!