3 Important Things to Lookout for In a Coffee Shop


When I am thinking about visiting a coffee shop, it is with a sense of expectation, not just because of the coffee, which I can make at home myself, but for a lot of reasons that have everything to do with the entire experience.

For a start, I would never visit a coffee shop if I was running short on time because coffee is to be savoured on many levels and a hurried visit just does not work.

There is so much more to consider, things which range from the paint on the walls to the ambient hum of conversation as I make my way to the bar and my seat of choice.

The quality of the coffee though, is always what draws me to take the initial step through the door. A Coffee Shop with friend’s drinking coffee.

Coffee Shop


The Aroma


Aromas when you walk into your favourite espresso bar, the first thing you expect is to smell the rich aroma of roasted coffee beans. Not just any coffee beans, but specially blended beans whose aroma mingles with the fresh espressos, cappuccinos and lattes being savoured in every direction.

A steamy fug of coffee is heavenly; however cigarette smoke is the ultimate signal to walk right on out the door.

Rich syrups, especially if they are handmade on site along with equally rich chocolate cake, provide the perfect complementary aroma to the coffee. This on its own is reason enough to avoid being in a rush.

The Aroma


The Ambience


Ambience this is pretty high on my list of requirements because spending any length of time in a coffee house requires just the right blend of people to be with.

Noisy, rambunctious customers do not make for my favourite environment in which to savour a special coffee.

The sounds of the experience should be, friendly, alive with intelligent conversation which should provide a comforting buzz, mixed with the friendly clink of mugs and plates, the constant hum of the coffee machine, the friendly banter from the barista with customers and friends just hanging out.

The Ambience


A place where you can go by yourself, yet never feel alone.

Ambience also includes things like the decore. It should not be loud and garish, but rather, tastefully interesting with neutral colours, enlivened perhaps with either original artwork or quirky posters, but definitely no blue tack.

Furniture, including couches, should be oozing comfort to enhance the overall ambient environment.

Food always goes well in a good coffee house, albeit it of the sweet variety or light, healthy and interestingly created meals.

A full range of tea and coffee beverages, both hot and cold is a must, as is a well stocked bar of roasted coffee beans and blends, ground and whole beans, from which to choose to take home.

I know lot of people like to be able to buy a coffee to take away, however any self respecting coffee house should never serve coffee in-store in cardboard cups.

The Ambience


Quality Service


This is really important and should strike a balance between prompt and not rushed.

Quality Service


The following is what quality service are:

  • Staff should look as though there is nowhere else in the world they would rather be, than in that shop ensuring customers are receiving everything they want and more – all without being obtrusive of course and they need to look like they are relaxed and not harried.
  • The other really great thing I like, is if the barista remembers me and knows exactly what my favourite coffee is and has time for a ‘hello’, even when really busy.
  • Clean service is a must as well, so that means tables are cleared, the bar is cleared and everything is spick and span and in its place.
  • There are coffee houses like this and a favourite coffee shop should ideally be all this and more. In fact, many coffee shops will have some of these things, but the best ones will have all of them because they understand that the coffee house experience is something special and to be savoured as much as the coffee.

When you leave, the experience should leave you feeling as though you will be back again soon for more.

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