Let me state one thing up front before you read the rest of my review… I’m a Dairy Farmer’s Daughter. I grew up on a dairy farm – in Wisconsin, of course. And to this day, I can’t drink any milk less than 2% (might as well be water) and refuse to use margarine (butter is best). So, you can imagine my hesitation as Daniel asked me to try his raw/vegan ice cream — not the language a dairy farmer’s daughter is use to hearing. WELLLLL, it was/is nothing short of AMAZING! I would not have guessed that Alkemie ice cream was raw/vegan, nor that it could be better than ‘regular’ ice cream. It is! I’ve never been interested in vanilla ice cream — always seemed so boring as though it needed something on/in it to give it a boost. BUT, that has all changed after trying Daniel’s Vanilla Bean. It’s not just one basic flavor… you catch a hint of all the subtle ingredients bringing your taste buds alive! All too often we don’t really taste our food. That’s not the case with Alkemie Gourmet Ice Cream! Oh, and the mint chip is out of this world. Daniel even makes the raw chocolate and breaks the chips into the ice cream. Aaahhh, I can taste it now! Probably the most important part of Alkemie Ice Cream is DANIEL! I believe it’s rare to find someone so incredibly driven, passionate and committed not only to a business idea, but to a lifestyle – a cause. Daniel has dedicated himself to understanding the development process, finding only the best ingredients from around the world, and explaining it all in layman’s terms as your mouth waters! I hope my dairy farming family will understand when I say… as soon as this ice cream is available on the open market, that’s the only ice cream I’ll eat! Go Raw/Vegan! Go Alkemie Gourmet Ice Cream!”

Irene K. 3/11/2009

“Love ice cream….and wow! I have found the dream of cream…I can’t wait until it is closer to home, but for now I do drive to Campbell every other weekend to get my fix. The price is what you are getting…the perfect ice cream. Spend a little extra and find out for yourself.”

Joseph B. 4/13/2009

“Vegan schmegen, I am a carnivore!!
I do not usually buy into the raw, vegan, soy, Birkenstock, granola stomping, tree hugging routine (not that there’s anything wrong with that). However, I was wandering aimlessly thru the Campbell Farmers Market and came upon Alkemie Gourmet Ice Cream. I must say that Daniel’s ice cream is an awesome treat. If I did not know that it was a healthy alternative to regular ice cream I would have thought I was doing something decadent that I need to work off in the gym tomorrow. I loved it!!! You must try this ice cream you won’t be disappointed….. Now excuse me I have to go back to my bucket of chicken wings.”

Steve P. 4/11/09

“This is the most amazing ice cream! I couldn’t believe that this was the healthy, raw, vegan ice cream advertised. It tastes better then the real thing. The best thing about it is that anyone who is lactose intolerant can enjoy it as well. Genius!!!!”

Chante C. 2/2/2009

“Alkemie ice cream is equally as brilliant as it is delicious. Thoughtful flavor combinations, authentic mouthfeel, and quality of ingredients make it impossible to tell apart from the real deal and – SCORE! – it’s totally good for you! Daniel pretty much hit this one outta the park. Nicely done!”

Adam B. 3/15/2009

“I Love Ice Cream! Only the calories and cholesterol keep me from consuming several pints a week. Now, Daniel Clary has broken that barrier by creating this incredibly delicious alternative. Not only does it more than satisfy my ice cream cravings, it’s healthy! I encourage you to try this smooth and creamy desert.”

Peter M. 3/11/2009

“”This ice cream is amazing. It is made of nuts instead of dairy or soy. The texture is great, just like good old fashioned ice cream. It’s got the right amount of unrefined agave nectar (sugar) in it. I feel energized after I eat it too, instead of feeling high and then having a sugar crash later. I ate Alkemie Ice Cream today at the Farmer’s Market and it was probably one of the healthiest most tasty food item choices at the market…besides just plain old raw fruit!!! This ice cream is great for anyone…I do not think anyone would be able to tell it’s all raw and vegan…It’s just that great!”

Honey M. 1/31/2009

“Daniel is a very cute young chef, who has created the most amazing raw vegan ice cream that, well….words cant describe. When he gave me samples of the ice cream, i thought for sure I was eating dairy. It was DIVINE. Truly an out of this world creation. I have never tasted a non dairy, let alone raw ice cream, that is actually BETTER than any premium dairy ice cream. WOW! These gentleman are revolutionaries! If i knew Oprah, id be on the phone with her to say….SPREAD THE WORD!!”

Rawk S. 1/15.2009

“Alkemie ice cream is beyond the simplicity of traditional “ice cream.” The vegan lifestyle has reached all new extremes when we can find a delicious gourmet ice cream with no dairy or even soy, and it tastes better! The whole experience with the creamy texture and pure intense flavor, unmasked by artificial sweeteners and preservatives, paired with the dehydrated “sugar” or flax seed cone make for a romance never before imagined. You know its something to talk about when everyone is walking around in the middle of December with ice cream dripping down their faces. To make it even better, it is easy to see the head chef and founder of alkemie is full of passion and love for his product and his lifestyle, wanting to empower others and prove that eating naturally doesn’t have to sacrifice intense flavor and the overall experience. Not only does this ice cream taste amazing, it makes you feel good! Keep an eye out at all the local farmer’s markets and keep supporting it so we all can enjoy the magical alkemie experience at a permanent location. I LOVE THIS ICE CREAM. TRY IT!!!! I RECOMMEND ALL FLAVORS!!”

Rebecca S. 1/24/2009

“NOW, this is the best ice cream I have ever had in MY LIFE!!! And without milk, soy or rice. And it’s raw. It wins in a taste contest against dairy any day. The mint chocolate chip is currently my favorite. I go to farmers market in Sunnyvale every Saturday for this yummy treat. This is truly an amazing treat without the pain, bloat and belly ache I get from regular ice cream or tofu “ice cream.” SIMPLY THE TASTIEST AND HEALTHIEST!

Nikki H. 2/4/2009

“I’m a huge ice cream lover! This raw/vegan ice cream created and mastered by Daniel Clary is awesome. It’s good for you and to you which is amazing. It’s creamy and very flavorful. It makes want to run out right now and get a double scoop. Oh and let’s talk about the cones. They’re made of flax seed and other delicious goodness. I could eat them like chips, which I do anyway. Great job Daniel on satisfying my craving with a healthy twist!!”

S.L. 2/5/2009

“Yesterday I had the thrill of discovering Daniel’s ice cream (for breakfast). As he said I would say: “I can’t believe it doesn’t have cream!” I tried the vanilla and the mint chip (my fave flavor) and both were fabulous. If you love ice cream but are off the dairy I highly recommend it. In fact this experience inspired me to try a vegan diet…which if you read my yelp reviews is a big stretch for me!”

Susie W. 5/25/2009