Tips on Selecting Your Coffee Grinder


One of the very best ways to be able to create the best freshly brewed cup of espresso is to use only freshly ground coffee.

This really is the ‘secret’! Hence you need to know a few pointers on selecting your grinder to use in the home or office.

Coffee Grinder

In order to produce the truly best tasting coffee beverage you do need to make an investment in the coffee grinder, which you select.

This is a personal preference, but I really think it does not do justice to a cup of good coffee. It is far better to bring a travel coffee mug from home if you must have one to go.

There are three basic types of coffee grinders, which are commonly found in homes.

  • Blade Coffee Grinders
  • Flat Wheel Burr Coffee Grinders
  • Conical Burr Coffee Grinders

If you are on a very tight budget and are not so concerned about the quality of the coffee that is produced from your grinder then you may be happy with the blade coffee grinding machines.

It is true that these are quite inexpensive. Prices between $10 to $50 are most common.

Problems with Blade Coffee Grinders


1) Poor Taste and Aroma

The ground coffee produced is certainly not consistent in the taste and aroma, which are produced. It will vary each time you use the grinder as it is not possible to produce even cuts through the beans as they are being cut/ground up.

Blade Coffee Grinders

2) Too Much Noise

Are often much noisier than their burr grinder counterparts and also become clogged more often.

3) Burning of The Bean

If you leave the grinder running for longer periods in order to end up with finer coffee grounds then you may actually end up burning the coffee beans.

This process can even result in the lovely, rich coffee aroma and taste being totally destroyed!

You can see that in order to produce the best tasting coffee espresso you really do need to plan when you are selecting your grinder and make a little more of an initial investment in the coffee grinder that you purchase.

Burr coffee grinders may cost a little more initially, but this cost will reward you time and again with a delicious, full flavored espresso that you would not be able to get from the cheaper blade coffee grinders.

A coffee shop can be modern or feature period decore, square or rectangular in shape, or even a loft, but regardless of this, the key effect should be one of relaxed comfort that leaves a feeling of wanting to stay on for another coffee.

Both the conical burr coffee grinders and flat wheel burr coffee grinders produce a premium quality ground coffee, which you can then use to produce a delicious freshly brewed cup of your favorite coffee at home!

Advantages of the Burr Coffee Grinders


  • Produces consistent flavored ground coffee
  • The fineness of the grounds can easily be adjusted without having the grinder run for a longer period and without the danger of burning the coffee.
  • Run quietly.
  • Do not usually have a problem with clogging.
  • Are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Are usually manufactured to last a long time with quality long lasting materials used for the burr mill.
Burr Coffee Grinders

It is easy to see that in order to have the capacity to produce quality, fresh coffee beverages that you do need to make an initial investment in a good quality coffee roaster.

There really is no comparison between the inexpensive roasters and the coffee roasters that cost slightly more to buy!

Once you have your coffee roaster all set up on the kitchen counter at home then you will be able to begin grinding your freshly roasted coffee beans and then create a masterpiece of freshly brewed coffee espresso!

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