Tips on Selecting Your Home Coffee Roaster


There really is nothing like the stimulating aroma of coffee that is freshly brewing. One of the best ways to obtain a truly fresh espresso at home is to roast your own coffee beans.

Hence it is important to know how to select the coffee roaster that will best suit your needs.

Tips on Selecting Your Home Coffee Roaster

Quantity of Coffee Bean

Locating a coffee roaster these days is not that difficult. The hard part is working out which type and which specific brand and model to purchase.

You ideally want a roaster that is going to be quality so that it lasts you for a long period of time, but also roasts the green coffee beans perfectly.

So what points are important to keep in mind when searching for a coffee roaster to purchase for the home or office?

It is good to begin by considering the amount of green coffee beans that you will want to roast at a time.

Since roasted beans only maintain their freshness for up to a week, you want to ensure that you only roast the quantity that you will need to use in the following couple of days.

So use this information to make sure that you purchase a coffee roaster that will be able to cope with the quantity of beans, which you will roast each time.

Tips on Selecting Your Home Coffee Roaster

Choose The Best Type of Coffee Roaster

There are two main types of coffee roasters that are commonly used at home. These are the fluid-air bed coffee roasters and the drum roasters. So this is another consideration in your purchase of a new coffee-roasting machine.

Generally the coffee roasters, which rely on air flow to do the roasting, cannot handle as many beans in each roast as can the drum coffee roasting machines.

So if you drink a large quantity of coffee you may be better off investing in a drum roaster.

Unlike the fluid air roasters though, the drum roasters do not have a window where you can watch the coffee beans changing color as they go through the roasting process.

Will you be happy with a simple roaster that you basically just load up and turn on or do you want to be able to select how your beans will be roasted?

Tips on Selecting Your Home Coffee Roaster

If you want the option of either lightly roasted or dark or even very darkly roasted beans then you need to ensure the machine you buy is capable of these options.

So be sure to look at all of the available settings and features before you buy so that you ensure you have all of the options that you will need.

What is your available budget for this purchase? If you have a large budget then you may want to look at the top of the range coffee roasters, but if your budget is limited then you will need to find an affordable machine that will still meet your other requirements.

In summary here are the main points to consider when selecting your new coffee roaster:

  • What quantity of coffee beans do you need to roast at a time?
  • Does the fluid-air bed coffee roaster or the drum coffee roaster best suit your specific needs?
  • Do you want to be able to choose to roast your beans on light, medium light, medium, medium dark, dark or very dark settings?
  • How much can you afford to spend?

Once you have answered each of these questions then you will be in a better position to make an informed decision on which coffee roaster to select. You will then be able to enjoy a delicious, fresh cup of espresso coffee every day in your own home!

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