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Green tea contains caffeine, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, the link between green tea caffeine and regular caffeine is not as strong as you might think, because green tea contains far less caffeine than coffee or even black tea.

Green Tea

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Josie, a nutritionist friend of mine, told me that three or four cups of green tea contain approximately the same dose of caffeine as one cup of coffee. Nonetheless, caffeine can cause problems if taken in large doses.

Even though the British are the most avid tea drinkers today, both the Dutch and the Portuguese helped to convert them to tea.

It is believed that Jews, who had been invited back to England by Oliver Cromwell from their exile in Amsterdam, brought tea along with them. September 23, 1658, proved to be a memorable tea date.

Uh-oh, my 4 year old niece has been reading this over my shoulder and wants to know exactly what caffeine is. Patiently, I explain that caffeine is a bitter alkaloid compound found naturally in coffee, tea, and kola nuts.

Anyway, where was I? Right, given the properties of caffeine, it is obvious that

  • Those who suffer from heart or kidney problems and anxiety should take green tea after consulting their physician first.
  • The same goes for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Green Tea

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And caffeine reacts with several common prescription drugs, including heart and blood pressure drugs, sedatives, oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, and drugs that affect blood clotting, such as aspirin.

It was the first time that a tea advertisement appeared in an English newspaper. The MercuriusPoliticus announced that a beverage that the Chinese call tchan but that other people call tea was to be sold in the Sultan’s Head, a London City coffeehouse.

So if you are on any of these medications, make sure you consult your physician first.

Why Moderate Drinking is Vital?

I can see many blithely advocating decaffeinated green tea, for such a thing does exist, of course. The trouble is, even decaf green tea has a very small amount of caffeine, like 0.4%, so that you can’t entirely banish it from your life.

What you can do, of course, isregulate the amount of caffeine that you take in with your cuppa regular green tea.

Green Tea

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Josie my nutritionist friend tells me that the amount of caffeine you ingest depends on how long your tea is brewed, the size of the leaves, and what part of the tea plant the leaf/bud comes from.

Another war was fought over tea, the Opium War. China had been paid in silver for its tea exports, since there was no demand for European goods.

Opium, however, was a much coveted—though prohibited—commodity. The East India Company was quick to meet that demand by trading opium for tea.

After some skirmishes between the British and the Chinese over this issue, war broke out that ended in a humiliating defeat for the Chinese in 1842. Tea was exported again to England, and China was forced to accept opium imports.

Basically, tea bags have smaller leaves or leaf fragments, which produce more caffeine when brewed.

However, if you feel that is too much to bother with, check out the green tea offered here. I found that the folks here offer a form of green tea that they call the Green Tea300 Instant Beverage as I mentioned on the greentea 300 page.

Green tea caffeine poses less of a threat in this case, because each packet of this instant beverage contains about 63mg of caffeine, which is at least 50-70% lower than a cup of instant coffee, to give you just one example.

Green Tea

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By my calculations, this means that you can drink about five cups a day to limit your green tea caffeine consumption to about 300 mg. Most nutrition experts and doctors advise against crossing the danger limit of around 600 mg per day.

The unscrupulous company farmed opium poppies in eastern India to supply the huge Chinese market.

For some ten years this illegal trade continued, amply furnishing the countless opium dens, until it was finally curtailed by the Chinese government.

However, I have seen my share of over-enthusiastic folks who think more is always good. So remember green tea caffeine intake in moderation is optimal.

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